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Dayar Alearab

Dayar Alearab is a tourism marketing company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is an integrated company in the field of global tourism and tourism marketing.


During its twenty-year history, it has become a leading global company in the field of travel and tourism, such as hotel reservations, airlines, cruises of all kinds and restaurant reservations. The company has the largest infrastructure in serving its customers inside and outside the Kingdom.


In 2018, the company continued to focus on achieving the largest service in the long term to the customer in terms of discounts and discounts on all flights, in parallel with making systematic adjustments to meet the challenges arising from the market downturn, with the aim of rationalizing costs, improving performance and enhancing efficiency.


Our Vission

Achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Providing the best services in the tourism fields


Our Message

We are convinced that market fluctuations are not something new to this field of tourism, and with the passage of time, success in this market will be the share of Saudi companies, not foreign companies that are flexible, diversified and efficient in operating and adhering to their values



Guided by this goal, our business strategy includes five clear main areas (customer service - sales - reservations - customer convenience - follow-up service). We intend, in each of these areas, to provide the best distinguished service to provide the greatest opportunities.





Our unique matching system lets you find just the tour you want for your next holiday.



We offer a wide variety of personally picked tours with destinations all over the globe.



Our tour managers are qualified, skilled, and friendly to bring you the best service.



You can always get professional support from our staff 24/7 and ask any question you have.

Commercial Registration No 203377